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  • Provides excellent hydration to the skin, and soothes and calms irritated skin.
  • Moisturizes and softens skin.
  • Prevent skin dryness
  • Moisturizes skin.

Body Lotion Herbs & More (100 MLT) – Netsurf Vitamin Therapy – Vitamin E – Shea Butter (Vitamin Therapy Body Lotion for Skin Intense Moisturization)

Vitamin Therapy Body Lotion excels in intensely hydrating your body skin naturally even under extreme (rough, hot, dusty, dry or polluted) weather conditions. It is made for everyday application across all seasons and it also provides the ultimate protection of SPF 15++ (UV-A & UV-B protection).

Body Lotion Netsurf Harbal & More

Benefits of Key Ingredients

Cactus Stem Extract

Provides excellent hydration to the skin, and soothes and calms irritated skin.

Bamboo Extract

Moisturizes and softens skin.

Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter

Prevent skin dryness

Vitamin E

Moisturizes skin.

Faqs for Body Lotion?

Will this body lotion work in extreme cold conditions?

  • You need to reapply the product after every 2-3 hours as skin tends to become dry in extreme cold conditions.

How many times a day, should this product be applied in normal conditions?

  • You can apply it according to your need, but usually it is applied twice a day.

How is it different from other products (Body Lotion) ?

  • This product contains natural butters and oils that help soothe your skin.

Does this product also provide me with sun protection?

  • It contains sunscreen agents and is SPF15++ (UVA & UVB protection).

What should I do if I get a rash or irritation after applying this product(Body Lotion) ?

  • Stop using the product and seek immediate medical attention.

Why Netsurf

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