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Deal in Computer cable and Industrial Converters

Computer cables and converters are essential for connecting various devices and peripherals to your computer. They come in different types and serve specific purposes, ensuring data transfer, video and audio connectivity, and power distribution. Here’s an overview of some common computer cables and converters: power cable, laptop adapter cable, vga cable etc…

Type of Computer Cable & Converters

HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface)

Used for high-quality audio and video transmission, often connecting PCs to monitors or TVs.


A versatile connector for data transfer, charging, and connecting a wide range of peripherals.


Common for high-resolution video and audio connections, especially in gaming and professional displays.

VGA Cable (Video Graphics Array)

Older video cable, now less common, used for connecting monitors and projectors.

Ethernet (RJ45)

For wired network connections, ensuring fast and stable internet connectivity.


Provides high-speed data transfer and power delivery for various devices like external hard drives and displays.

DVI (Digital Visual Interface)

Another video cable, primarily used for older monitors and graphics cards.

SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment)

Connects internal storage devices like hard drives and SSDs to the motherboard.

Audio Jacks

For connecting speakers, headphones, microphones, and other audio devices.

Coaxial Cable

Often used for cable TV and broadband internet connections.


Common for connecting various peripherals, such as keyboards, mice, and external drives.

Mini DisplayPort

A smaller version of DisplayPort, found on some laptops and monitors.

Serial Cable

Used for connecting older devices like printers and some networking equipment.

Optical Audio (Toslink)

Transmits high-quality audio signals via light, often used for home theater systems.

Mini USB

A smaller USB connector often used with older devices and cameras.

Parallel Cable

An older technology used for connecting printers and scanners.

Choosing the right cable or converter depends on your specific needs, the devices you’re connecting, and the data or signal requirements. It’s important to ensure compatibility and quality to maintain optimal performance in your computing setup.

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