VGA Jointer Female to Female Converter, 15 Pin Socket


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  • Conect 2 monitor cables together for a cable extension, or change a male
  • 15 pin VGA female to female
  • 15 pin connection to a female 15 pin connection
  • Both sides are female of the adapter
  • Used as a coupler

VGA Jointer Female to Female Converter, 15 Pin Socket to Socket, Gender Changer

Uses of VGA Jointer Female to Female, Used Primarily to Join Two VGA Cables Together, Also Used to Change the Gender of the VGA Converter for Specific Jobs, Can Be Used with Multiple Devices Including. PCs, Laptops, Projectors, Some HD TVs,  etc…

Specification of VGA Jointer Female to Female

  • Standard VGA Coupler
  • Also Known as VGA Joiner or VGA Gender Changer
  • SVGA / VGA: 15 Pin Socket to Socket
  • Gender: Female VGA Connections on Both Ends of Joiner

Uses of VGA Female to Female Coupler OR Joiner

  • Used primarily to join two VGA cables together
  • Can be used with multiple devices including
  • Also used to change the gender of the VGA connector for specific jobs
  • Desktop PC, Laptops, Some HD TVs, Projectors etc..

Advantages of VGA Joiner Female to Female

  • Works easily and is just plug and play
  • Low cost solution to real issue and comes with low cost shipping also
  • Good quality work around where you are joining two VGA cables together
  • Saves having to buy a longer VGA cable if you had two shorter VGA cables that when joined would do the same job

Disadvantages of VGA Coupler / Joiner

  • Any time you introduce a coupler or joiner into a cable run, you always have the risk of some signal loss but from our tests on this VGA coupler, these are very minimal

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