RENPHO Electric Head Massager with Heat, Rechargeable


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  • Compression Head Massager: Electric Head heating massager can compress and squeeze your head, it will relax your head strain
  • Heating massage & Reduce head strain: RENPHO head compression massager with 2 heat settings(Built-in heating pads provide a comfortable between 40 and 45 degrees (40℃-45℃), to warm your head and around the eyes, better for relaxation and headache
  • 3 Compression Modes and 3 Intensities optional: The head Scalp massager using the portable handheld controller adjust modes and intensity to meet your need. 3 massage modes and 3 intensities, simulating different massage techniques, different alternating strengths let your head get deep relaxation. Tips: If you feel a headache, please loosen the headband appropriately
  • Adjustable Headband to Fit Most Size: This head massager can adjust sizes using Velcro straps, it fits head circumference up to 54 cm in Min, and up to 70 cm in Max. You can massage not only the head, but also the calves, arms, and around the eyes. It can effectively relax muscle fatigue, improve circulation, reduce muscle stiffness
  • Makes a Great Gift: The perfect gift choice for parents, family, friends, and elders to relax. Massage is not limited by time and place, can be used at home and office or while traveling
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RENPHO Electric Head Massager with Heat, Compression Headache Relief Hat, Rechargeable Head Scalp Massager with 3 Massage Compression Modes for Relief Migraines & Headache, Stressful

The head Scalp Massager to increase circulation of skin. Unique airbags inside with heating setting to simulate kneading and stroking of the head, help relax head.

Perfect release of hands and experience better than other massagers. Unlike other traditional electric massagers, you will not feel any foreign body sensation and pain, but a very gentle, full contact without burden.

Airbag Compression Massager

2 airbags within the headband inflate and deflate at repeated and regular intervals, to achieve the massage effect of squeezing and kneading. Massages your head gently with fingers to soothe your meridians and relieve head pain while allowing for a deeper sleep. Cordless design and 10-minute auto-off timer make it more convenient to use.

2 Heat Options for Headache Relief

2 heat settings to allow you to find the perfect comfort zone between 40℃ and 45℃ to warm your head or areas around eyes, better for relaxation and headache relief.

3 Compression Modes with 3 Optional Intensities

Use the portable handheld controller to adjust modes and intensities easily to meet your needs. The massager’s 3 massage modes and 3 intensities provide different massage techniques and alternating intensities to provide deep relaxation directly to your head. Tips: Loosen the head band accordingly if you feel pain or discomfort while wearing the massager,

Adjustable Headband to Fit Most Size

Adjust with Velcro straps to fit head sizes from 54-70cm.Massage not only the head, but also the calves, arms, and areas around the eyes to relieve muscle fatigue and stiffness as well as improve blood circulation.

Perfect Gift on Thanksgiving Day

The perfect portable gift for family and friends To use while at home, in the office, or traveling.

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