HP Q5945A 45A Black Toner Cartridge


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  • Cartridge Colors: Black
  • Print Technology: Laser
  • Page yield black and white: 18,000 pages
  • Product type: Standard Capacity Toner Cartridges
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HP Q5945A 45A Black Toner Cartridge

The HP 45A Cartridge with model number Q5945A is a black toner cartridge designed for use in HP LaserJet printers. Here are some key details about this cartridge:

  1. Compatibility: The HP Q5945A cartridge is compatible with various HP LaserJet printers. You should check your printer’s compatibility list to ensure it works with your specific model.
  2. Color: This is a black toner cartridge, meaning it is designed to produce black and grayscale prints.
  3. Page Yield: Toner cartridges often have a specified page yield, indicating the estimated number of pages the cartridge can print. The exact page yield can vary based on factors like the content of the printed pages and printer settings.
  4. Laser Printing Technology: Laser toner cartridges are designed for laser printers, providing high-quality text and graphics prints.
  5. Genuine vs. Compatible: HP offers genuine (original) toner cartridges, and there may also be compatible or remanufactured options from third-party manufacturers. Genuine cartridges are typically recommended for optimal performance and printer compatibility.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, you can check the official HP website, product documentation, or contact HP customer support. Additionally, when purchasing toner cartridges, ensure that you are buying from reputable sources to avoid counterfeit or substandard products that may affect print quality and damage your printer.

When productivity counts, you need low-maintenance cartridges that keep your printers working hard. Fewer, reliable supplies reduces interruptions. And saving time saves money. The true value is original HP LaserJet toner cartridge technology.

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