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Animal Care – Ayurvedic veterinary Medicinal skin lotion for cattle, horses, cats, pigs, goats and dogs.

Biofit product is used for profitable cattle, poultry, goat farming, and horse breeding. It fulfils the nutritional need for livestock and maintains their health and fitness.

Netsurf Biofit Products

  1. CFC Plus – Cattle Feed Concentrate plus

  2. Pet Lotion

  3. Cattle Feed Concentrate CFC

Benifits of Ntsurf Biofit Animal Care Products

  • Herbal And Organic

  • Increase Milk Fat And Quantity

  • Improve Health Of Cattle

  • With Fatty Acid,Vitamin E,Selenium And Digestive Enzymes

  • Protects animals from sucking pests such as lice, mosquitoes, spiders and ticks.

  • It is a propriety Ayurvedic veterinary medicine, hence has no side effects.


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